Catheter Fixation System


Strengths and Status of The CURE Fix®

and Advantages of CURE Fix

Catheter tube holder for temporary fixation of a low-vacuum drainage bottle
Identical silicon material to drainage tube
Clip for medical device with silicone material same as drainage tube
Easy operation with simple fastening structure
Silicone friction preventing leakage of drain pipe
Hydro-colloid skin adhesion
Gentle adhesion along the surface of the skin to reduce irritation during removal

How It Works

Explain how the CURE Fix® works

01 Prepare the product
02 Apply the adhesive tape on the affected area
03 Insert the drain pipe into the pipe support
04 Apply additional TPU films over the area


Advailable CURE Fix Products

CF-3 (Ø3.2)

SIZE : (l) 96 × (w)41 × (h)11

BOX QTY : 50pcs × 10/box

CF-4 (Ø4.8)

SIZE : (l) 96 × (w)41 × (h)11

BOX QTY : 50pcs × 10/box


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